Save 45%

We have 3 options to get these products in your hands:

Option 1- Buy Retail: You can purchase any product, whenever you want, directly from us. You won’t save money on your purchase or earn FREE products, but this is one option if you simply want to try one of our great products.

Buy Now.

Option 2- Loyal Customer Program: Save 45% AND earn FREE products! Get wholesale pricing for LIFE. Choose any product at wholesale price, saving your 45% off your purchase, and agree to purchase at least one product for two more months in a row. You can change your order through your online wholesale account each month.  No annual fees, no “re-upping”. Buy one product every month for three months. Done. Cancel, continue. It doesn’t matter.

That’s not all…


Referral Perks: Upon ordering, you will create your own link in which your friends can purchase from.
1: SHARE that link while ordering and we will spot you $10 towards your next purchase.
2: From your initial order date, you have 30 days to share your customized link. If they purchase, you will receive a FREE box of wraps OR $35 to use towards a future purchase.

Perk Points with every order: Get 10% back on every order to use on future orders!

FREE Shipping on all orders over $125. Didn’t spend that much? No worries, you’ll still receive FREE shipping after placing your 4th order.

Buy Now.

Option 3- Start your own business: Make money and buy your products wholesale. Grab your Distributor Kit for just $99. With your kit you will receive product flyers, a free website for you to sell from and a box of wraps! 


Get Started NOW! 


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