Get in My Belly

The Ultimate Body Applicator helps to tighten, tone, and firm your trouble spots.. and for many, the biggest trouble spot is the stomach. While using the Applicator, it is in your best interest to drink lots of water and maintain a healthy diet. Here is a list of 10 foods that are especially helpful to eat while undergoing your easy, mess-free, apply from home, wrap treatments. These foods will help to bust belly fat, improve digestion, beat bloating, and boost your metabolism.

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Reblog: The Habit Action List

There are a ton of people who read self-improvement blogs and books, but never put them into action.

They engage in what’s sometimes called “self-improvement porn”.

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The Habit Action List

College Loan Defaults Hit 18-Year High

College Loan Defaults Hit 18-Year High

American student loan debt now stands at $1.2 trillion, and it’s not easy to find a job that will help pay off these large loan amounts. While job searching, network marketing provides an amazing platform for residual income. Want to learn more about the It Works opportunity? I would love to speak with you

Tighten and Tone Thursday: Pliates

Pilates are an excellent way to tone and sculpt your body. It helps to develop a strong core and back, gain flexibility, lengthen muscles, and more. Here are four basic pilates moves to tighten and tone your body.


Four iOS 7 Privacy Settings You Should Enable

Four iOS 7 Privacy Settings You Should Enable

This handy article will help walk you through turning on some of the privacy settings that are turned off by default. 😉

Fit Friday – Rise and Shine

These exercises emphasize light stretching and toning, ideal for mornings when you feel groggy. The workout takes about 15 to 20 minutes and requires a book, bath towel, and wash cloth.

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Become a Sucessful Leader

If you are looking to advance your career into a leadership capacity and / or already assume leadership responsibilities – here are 15 things you must do automatically, every day, to be a successful leader in the workplace.