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  • Gluten-free, plant-based, whole food complex.
  • Superior calcium absorption.
  • Triple strength support for heart health.
  • Patented controlled-release technology for sustained nourishment throughout the day.
  • Mind/body energy blend to help you stay energized and sharp both mentally and physically.
  • Improved metabolic support to boost your body’s ability to burn calories.

  • Sea algae-derived Aquamin® premium mineral blend with over 74 trace minerals.
  • Support for healthy bones and teeth with 250% the RDA of Vitamin D.
  • Maximum calcium absorption with Vitamins K1 and K2 (MK-7), ensuring calcium stays in bones to help minimize arterial calcification.
  • Keep your heart strong with Vitamin Ksupport for cardiovascular health.
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  • Triple strength fish oil-derived DHA and EPA fatty acids to help maintain and support healthy cholesterol levels.
  • Natural rosemary-based antioxidants to fight free radicals and support health cell growth.
  • Support for healthy joint movement and for the body’s response to minor inflammation.
  • Lemon-flavored soft gel that’s easy to swallow.
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Benefits of Coconut Oil

This stuff does SO much. I mean like it’s the superman of oils. You can use it on your hair to really give it an intense moisturizing treatment. Your skin will feel so very soft after using it as a lotion, and surprisingly, it does not leave you feeling greasy like you’d imagine. Add coconut oil and baking soda for a wonderful teeth whitening treatment. Then, put some on your lips to ease dryness. Put it on your popcorn for a healthy alternative to butter! Use in a pan as a non-stick agent. Fry up some vegetables. Add to your smoothie. Massage on your cuticles to hydrate and soften them. Mix with peppermint oil to create a non-toxic insect repellant.

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Memory Boosting Herbs


Known to improve mental functions such as cognition, memory, intelligence, motivation, attention, and concentration. Has been used to treat disorders involving anxiety, intellect, and poor memory.

Recent major scientific reviews of the plant suggest that it has prominent action on the central nervous system, where it improves understanding, memory, intellect, and speech, and corrects aberrations of emotions, mood, and personality in an individual. Studies in humans have shown that chronic administration of Brahmi results in improvements in working memory, visual information processing, learning rate and anxiety.

In India, Brahmi is currently recognized as being effective in the treatment of mental illness and epilepsy. In certain parts of India, Brahmi is believed to be an aphrodisiac; in Sri Lanka, under the name of Loonooweella, Brahmi is prescribed for fevers5; in the Philippines, it is used as a diuretic.



Historically known to improve memory by increasing blood flow to the brain and head, which by extension also helps improve concentration.



The menthol component in the smell of the peppermint stimulates the hippo campus area of the brain which controls mental clarity and memory. The odor triggers you to wake up and pay attention.

Did you know: Peppermint oil has been used as a natural headache remedy to alleviate the pain.



Great in aiding with stress relief and relaxation.

Why You Should Start Drinking Lemon Water

I was at the dentist recently and the hygienist was informing me she could tell that my mouth was a tad bit acidic. This got me thinking — if my mouth is acidic, my body must be as well. I know that too much acid in the body can lead to a number of health issues, so I did what most would and started searching the web for a natural way to restore some alkalinity in my body.

Upon my research, I found that lemon water both restores alkalinity AND has a ridiculous amount of health benefits. I like to think of myself as pretty smart when it comes to putting good things into (and on) my body, but I honestly had no idea that something as simple as this could provide so many benefits. The benefits come from drinking the lemon water at room temp. Lately, I have been bringing a whole lemon with me to work. I’ll cut it up and add fresh slices throughout the day.

What are your thoughts? Love lemon water? Hate it?

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Not a fan of lemon water? Greens from It Works! also aids in alkalinity restoration… not to mention, it provides your daily serving of fruits and veggies.


What Do You Know About Quercetin?

Many of our most powerful medicines, including those for diabetes, chemotherapy, and cardiovascular health, are derived from plant extracts. One reason that plants hold so much potential for human health is that they are able to withstand a variety of destructive forces such as environmental radiation, oxidative damage, and chemical toxins due to their unique ability to manufacture complex molecules called flavonoids. For humans, these same conditions can be lethal. Yet when we consume plants as food and beverages, the protective benefits of these same flavonoids are readily transferred to our bodies!

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