How to Wrap

Don’t Hide the Fat. Wrap It! The Ultimate Body Applicators come straight to your door, pre-packaged, ready to go, and only take a minute to apply. SO easy to use and not to mention, affordable!

1: Take a BEFORE photo. This step is CRUCIAL!
2: Take a shower or cleanse the skin with warm water to open the pores on your skin. Do not use any lotion or product that will clog pores. The cream from the wrap works by penetrating the skin.
3: Remove wrap from packaging. Unfold and make sure cream is disbursed evenly on wrap.
4: Position the wrap on to the area you want to target. Smooth it over your skin.
5: Once wrap is in place, secure it with our FAB WRAP, plastic wrap, an ace bandage, or tight exercise attire.
6: Wear a minimum of 45 minutes (max: 8 hours).
7: DRINK WATER – a minimum of 2 bottles while wrapping. Remember, drink to shrink!
8: Remove wrap and gently massage remaining product into skin.
9: Take your AFTER photo. This step is CRUCIAL!

Remember, maximum results occur over the next 72 hour period.

Tips for Best Results:

  • Use no more than 2 full Applicators on the body at one time – ex) both arms, both legs.
  • If one wrap is too large for your arm/leg, you may cut wraps in half to better fit these areas.
  • Use 1 wrap per week for 4 weeks (per area). Wraps are sold in a box of 4 and that is considered a full treatment. Buy now!

How will the wraps help my body? These wraps are designed to target problem areas including fat, cellulite, varicose veins, and stretch marks and will take inches off of your body from the very first application!

How often can I wrap? They are safe enough to use every 72 hours (about every 3 – 4 days apart on the same area.) You see progressive results over 72 hours.

Fill out the form below and we would be more than happy to answer any additional questions you have.


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