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Ultimate Applicator Will Change Your Life

Learn more about the Ultimate Body Applicator. This product is incredible. It will change your life!

(Video courtesy of Kami Dempsey)

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Green Tea Ice Facial

I have posted on Facebook in the past about how rubbing ice on your face helps reduce puffiness and minimize pore appearance. I have tried it a few times and it really does work and feel great! Never did I think of to add some green tea to my ice cubes!

I found the below video on Huffington Post where a YouTube beauty blogger provides a great demonstration + information about mixing these two ingredients. Check it out, maybe you’ll incorporate this into your morning routine.  Added bonus, green tea has some great antioxidants. I think I’m going to make some ice cubes later today and give it a go tomorrow morning.

Wake Up Those Eyes!

So I had been searching for a good lifting eye cream because I could tell that my lids just aren’t hanging where they used to. Yes, I know I’m really not that old, BUT it’s never too early to start a skin care routine.

When I made the decision to sign up as an It Works! distributor, I decided to wait on purchasing any eye cream because I knew this company offered this type of product. The cream was on back order when I initially placed my order – which was a good sign to me that it was working well for others. I am now a walking testimonial. I use this every morning before I put my makeup on, and again before bed. After looking at this photograph I was shocked at how heavy my eyelids had truly become. Pictures really do show all!

My immediate thought: damn, clearly I should be going to bed at a more decent hour. My next thought: damn, I’m only 28… what the heck, I did not think would occur until I was in my forties!

It Works Lifting Eye and Lip Cream

I am super excited that this product works SO well! The shot below is after I used it just once! I LOVE THIS CREAM. The best part, it’s super affordable! Just $39 for Loyal Customers.

I cannot tell you how happy I am with my results!! So happy, I put the cream on my fiance’s eyes last night (he is a great guinea pig).  🙂

Stumped on what you’re going to buy friends and family for the holidays this year? This is a gift that keeps on giving!

Good part, you can avoid all of those long lines in the store. Best part, IT WORKS!!

Our First Wrap Party

We were approaching our one month mark of becoming distributors with It Works, so we felt it was time to take a stab at throwing our first wrap party! My mom did what she does best, which is host a fabulous get together at her house. Lots of water, fresh veggies, multi-grain chips, fresh fruit, anddd that’s where I’ll stop boring you with the menu. Side note: I am noticing a dish filled with cupcakes….. the day before was both my parents birthdays. What better a cheat day than a birthday? It’s like, required that you eat some kind of cake/pie/sweet whatever….

It Works! Wrap Party

I made sure to print out several product information sheets and had our business cards stapled to the brochures we ordered from It Works!

Each guest who wanted to try the Ultimate Body Applicator at the party was wrapped just about as soon as they arrived. They were “baking” as we gave our presentation. Shortly after it was time to take off the wrap and take our “after” photographs.

Here’s two of our guests:

It Works Belly Wrap


Pretty excellent for just one hour, right?

We all had a great time and can’t WAIT until we throw our next wrap party!

What is called genius is the abundance of life and health. — Henry David Thoreau