Team Gebhardt

Kathrynne + Bridgette.
Daughter + Mother.

Kathrynne:  I may be thin, but I do have some cellulite on the back of my legs. I kept seeing one my friend post on her Facebook about a product that would smooth, tighten and tone my bootay.

I had a trip planned where I knew I would be poolside, and I knew I didn’t want the cellulite tagging along. Having tried other products that claim to remove/reduce cellulite, I figured, “Why not? Let’s give it a go”… “What if it DOES work”??

I called her to come over about 4 days before my flight. She wrapped me and I kept the wraps on for about 3 hours (despite the recommended 45 minute max for a first time user). I did not see much of a result after my first 24 hours. “Oh well”, I said. I called my girlfriend and she told me to keep faith because the wraps work progressively over 72 hours. After day three I was blown away by the sight of the back of my legs. NO CELLULITE = AMAZING.  I felt awesome walking around the pool and two months later, started selling the products so I could help others feel the same way I did!

Bridgette: Coming soon!


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