90 Day Challenge!

Ready to take the ULTIMATE challenge?

  • Choose any product at wholesale price = You pay what I pay for products!
  • Save 45% off your purchase

What’s the catch? Simply agree to purchase at least one product a month for three months in a row. You can change your order through your online wholesale account each month and there’s no minimum order amount.

At the end of 90 days send us your progress! We can’t wait for you to see results.

Month 1: Purchase the Ultimate Body Applicator (body wraps) for $59
Month 2: Select the Hair Skin and Nails supplement for $33
Month 3: Step up your body’s intake of Omegas with our It’s Vital Omega-3 for $23

Remember, you can choose ANY of the products that we offer.

This 90 day challenge is referred to as our Loyal Customer ProgramOh yeah, and did we mention that once you are a Loyal Customer you’ll receive wholesale pricing for LIFE!

Check out these results:


hair skin nails

Ready to take the challenge? Get Started Today!


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