Monday Motivation – 58 Phrases That Will Help You Be Your Best Self

Thought Catalog

In time I’ve listened, noted, and gathered the following; a collection of sayings, bits of advice, stories, confessions, etc. The following are all things a very dear friend wrote or said. His words have given me more than he’ll ever know; hope, inspiration, encouragement, love, and so much more. Here’s to you, my dear friend, thank you, thank you for turning simple words into beautiful expressions.


1. Strength in adversity is a form of greatness.

2. If you don’t want to waste you life, start loving more people. A life was never wasted doing so, I’m sure.

3. Evil cannot be justified. The only thing we can do with the things that have hurt us is learn, defeat bitterness, and become more beautiful.

4. Honesty: being a slave to your fear is pitiful and so unattractive. You can’t find respect if you’re always running away. Be brave.

5. The…

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